Capilano University Lonsdale


Capilano University Lonsdale
Archos Engineering Consultants designed the electrical system for Capilano University Lonsdale, a 10,850 sq. ft. space, providing a fully addressable lighting system integrated with AV systems and scene control for classroom and flexible multi-use spaces. Using daylight harvesting, sensors detected natural light levels to minimize energy consumption. Our team also designed the room partitioning to ensure maximum flexibility without impeding functionality. With extensive experience and technical expertise, Archos provides customized electrical engineering services that meet clients' specific requirements and adhere to local building codes and energy efficiency standards. Their commitment to sustainable design ensures cost-effective solutions that maximize resources.
  • Owner: Capilano University
  • Client: Dialog Design
  • Location: 125 Victory Ship Way North Vancouver, BC
  • Budget: $5M
  • Size: 10,850 square feet
  • Schedule: 2020 - 2021

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