Craft Beer Market


Craft Beer Market
Archos Engineering Consultants provided electrical engineering services for a new Craft Beer Restaurant in Vancouver. The restoration of the building included structural upgrades and meeting energy compliance standards. Archos designed completely new electrical systems, including a fire alarm system, with lighting controls and unique fixtures that add to the restaurant's ambiance. They coordinated with Telus and Rogers for satellite installation, ensuring seamless coverage, and provided the necessary power to the roof. The flexible lighting control system meets safety standards while offering various scene settings and ambiance options. Archos has the expertise to deliver projects on time and within budget while ensuring compliance with industry standards.
  • Owner: Craft Beer Market
  • Client: Panther Group
  • Location: 1795 Beach Avenue Vancouver, BC
  • Budget: $5.7M
  • Size: 9,300 square feet
  • Schedule: 2019 - 2020

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