Mega Rebar


Mega Rebar
Archos Engineering Consultants expertly navigated the complexities of Mega Rebar's electrical engineering needs. Facing the challenge of an electrical service from BC Hydro across the street, we innovated with a service pole and pad-mounted transformer design. The coordination with BC Hydro was rigorous, demanding continuous engagement to meet project timelines. Our exterior lighting design ensures safe night-time product transport.

Additionally, we laid the groundwork for future solar installation and collaborated with manufacturers to integrate power needs for essential operations equipment like cranes and rebar machinery. Interior lighting blends recessed troffers with downlights and suspended linear fixtures, complemented by code-compliant safety lighting and a robust fire alarm system. Our comprehensive approach also included security and access control infrastructure, demonstrating our commitment to safety, efficiency, and forward-thinking design.

  • Owner: Mega Rebar
  • Client: Mega Rebar's electrical engineering
  • Location: 12965 Lilley Drive Maple Ridge, BC
  • Budget: $4.5M
  • Size: 43,498 square feet
  • Schedule: 2021 - 2023

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