Midland Appliances


Midland Appliances
Archos Engineering Consultants was entrusted with the task of delivering electrical engineering services for the tenant improvement project at Midland Appliances, a prestigious home appliances retailer.
Recognizing the unique power and data needs required for modern retail spaces, our team aimed to deliver a solution that was efficient, scalable, and seamlessly integrated with the existing operations of Midland Appliances. We tailored the electrical infrastructure to align with the requirements of the complex, state-of-the-art appliances showcased in the store.
An upgrade to the electrical system was necessary to meet the additional demands of the improved premises. This included new power connections, data services, emergency lighting, exit lighting, and fire alarm devices. We also ensured that the lighting system in the showroom highlighted the products effectively while maintaining energy efficiency.
We seamlessly carried out this project in a functioning retail environment, causing minimal disruption to Midland Appliances' daily operations. Our team's proficiency in planning and execution was demonstrated in this project, with a focus on maintaining safety, following building code regulations, and meeting deadlines.
With the Midland Appliances tenant improvement project, Archos Engineering Consultants once again showcased its ability to handle complex electrical system upgrades, proving our expertise in not just design, but also in successful project implementation.
  • Owner: Midland Appliances
  • Client: SSDG Interiors
  • Location: 20670 Langley Bypass Langley City, BC
  • Budget: $4M
  • Size: 20,700 square feet
  • Schedule: 2021 - 2022

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