Monos Luggage


Monos Luggage
Archos Engineering Consultants played a crucial role in Monos Luggage's foray into brick-and-mortar retail by providing top-tier electrical engineering services for their flagship store's tenant improvement project. Our team paid close attention to detail and crafted highly functional and visually appealing electrical systems that perfectly aligned with the client's vision. We worked on everything from coordinating precision millwork to integrating lighting and audio-visual systems and helped Monos Luggage realize its minimalist design philosophy with great success. Leveraging our extensive experience in electrical engineering and a deep understanding of design elements unique to retail spaces, we ensured that the project was a success while remaining true to the client's goals.
  • Owner: Monos Luggage
  • Location: 2131 W 4th Avenue Vancouver, BC
  • Budget: $800K
  • Size: 1,700 sf
  • Schedule: 2022

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