PBX Warehouse


PBX Warehouse
Archos Engineering Consultants provided electrical engineering design services for PBX Logistic's new cold storage and office facility, including lighting, controls, emergency lighting, exit lighting, power distribution, telecommunications systems, security, access control, and public addressing systems. Coordination with BC Hydro and utility service providers was a challenge, but we successfully designed a reduced electrical service and ensured that the location of the pad-mounted transformer conformed to requirements. The lighting design met the space's unique needs, and the emergency and exit lighting system complied with safety codes. Our team's experience and technical expertise enabled us to overcome challenges and deliver a customized electrical system that met the client's unique needs.
  • Owner: PBX Logistics
  • Client: Rain City Industrial
  • Location: 19082 32 Avenue Surrey, BC
  • Budget: $15M
  • Size: 32,000 square feet
  • Schedule: 2023 - 2024

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