Riverwood Veterinary Clinic


Riverwood Veterinary Clinic
Our firm provided electrical engineering services for a new construction project at a veterinary clinic, which included upgrades to the electrical systems and lighting design to accommodate a new CT scanning machine and replicate the circadian rhythms of animals.
To address these requirements, our team conducted a thorough analysis of the electrical and lighting systems at the clinic. We collaborated closely with the client and construction team to understand the specific needs and goals for the project, and to identify any potential obstacles that needed to be addressed.
One of the biggest challenges we faced was upgrading the electrical service to accommodate the new CT scanning machine. Our team carefully assessed the existing infrastructure to develop a solution that would provide the necessary power while ensuring the safety and reliability of the system.
In addition, we provided new lighting systems that replicated the circadian rhythms of animals. This involved developing a lighting design that mimicked natural daylight patterns and incorporated color temperature changes throughout the day. The result was a lighting system that created a comfortable and natural environment for the animals, while also providing a high-quality visual environment for staff and visitors.
Overall, the project was a success, meeting the unique needs of the client and contributing to the comfort of the animals. Our team was proud to provide high-quality electrical engineering services that ensured the safety and reliability of the electrical systems and created a comfortable environment for the animals and staff.
  • Owner: Riverwood Veterinary Clinic
  • Client: Panther Group
  • Location: 855 Village Drive #130 Port Coquitlam, BC
  • Budget: $1.9M
  • Size: 6,600 square feet
  • Schedule: 2020 - 2021

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