Schneider Electric Solar Lab


Schneider Electric Solar Lab
Archos Engineering Consultants successfully delivered electrical engineering solutions for Schneider Electric's innovative Solar Lab based in Burnaby, BC. Schneider Electric presented a unique challenge due to their high-power and data demands, which their solar testing equipment required.
Simultaneously, an adjacent office space was developed to accommodate the client's operational team. To support the hefty power loads of the lab equipment, a necessary upgrade was implemented on the electrical service - the current service didn't provide adequate capacity.
Our team at Archos was responsible for designing entirely new electrical systems, highlighted by a robust 600V service with state-of-the-art digital revenue grade metering. The diverse lab equipment necessitated a variety of voltage sources, each requiring distinct connection types. To distribute wiring to each piece of equipment efficiently while ensuring future adaptability of the space, we utilized overhead ladder-type cable trays.
Archos Engineering Consultants continues to prove its proficiency in designing and executing electrical systems for intricate and technical spaces. This includes areas with unique power and Information Management and Information Technology (IMIT) prerequisites.
  • Owner: Schneider Electric
  • Client: Turner Construction
  • Location: 100 - 13091 Vanier Place Burnaby, BC
  • Size: 7,100 square feet
  • Schedule: 2021 - 2022

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