Serein Properties


Serein Properties
Our team transformed a 3,400 sq ft space into a premier office tenant improvement in Vancouver's LEED Gold Bosa Waterfront Tower. The design embraces natural light and reflects the corporate identity while providing an exceptional user experience. The space features a 360-degree glass presentation room and showcases the client's art collection, seamlessly blending functionality with elegance. Cove and indirect lighting techniques create a refined ambiance, concealing light sources for a sophisticated atmosphere. Our endeavour embodies architectural innovation, environmental consciousness, and corporate ethos, resulting in an inspiring workspace.
  • Owner: Serein Properties
  • Client: Serein Properties
  • Location: L29 – 200 Granville Street Vancouver, BC
  • Budget: $1.4M
  • Size: 3,400 square feet
  • Schedule: 2022 - 2023

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