West Pender Place EV Charging


West Pender Place EV Charging
Archos Engineering Consultants spearheaded an innovative project at West Pender Place to integrate electrical infrastructure for 256 EV charging stations, addressing the strata council's forward-thinking vision. Initiating the project, Archos crafted an EV-ready plan, securing a significant rebate from BC Hydro, thereby optimizing infrastructure costs.

A meticulous feasibility study involving power consumption analysis paved the way for a sustainable power distribution design that accommodates future EV charging needs without necessitating an electrical service upgrade.

Our tailored solution, featuring a 4:1 load-sharing ratio and comprehensive telecommunications for efficient management, received rapid approval from BC Hydro and the City of Vancouver. We achieved unanimous council endorsement by presenting our strategy at a Special General Meeting, demonstrating our commitment to innovative, eco-friendly solutions.

  • Owner: West Pender Place EV Charging
  • Client: City of Vancouver
  • Location: 1499 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC
  • Budget: $350K
  • Size: 256 EV
  • Schedule: 2023 - 2024

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